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Mietani Chitambira

Mietani Chitambira discovered a passion for performance at Enjabulweni Primary School, debuting as King Herod in a Christmas play at just 8 years old. From reciting poems to securing roles like Coach Roger Dunbar in “Footloose” at Uplands College, Mietani’s journey through theatre and film is marked by versatility and dedication. Notably, their lead roles in commercials for DSTV Africa, Corona LPC, and Varsity College, along with standout performances in films like “Sho’t Left,” exhibit Mietani’s dynamic talent and promise in the world of acting. Awarded for Best Short Film at SWIFF Awards 2023 for “Memento Mori,” Mietani continues to captivate audiences with their diverse skills and commitment to the craft.
Age: 22
Height: 1.76m
Bust: Medium/Large
Waist: 36
Shoes: 10
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Languages: English, shona
Talents: Actor, Voice Artist



Footloose – Supporting Character: 2016

Boo To The Moon – Lighting Director: 2017

Choices – Supporting Character: 2018

DSTV Africa Commercial – Live Your Stories – Lead: 2022

Corona LPC – Internal Company Work – Lead: 2022

Varsity College – Education by Design – Lead: 2022

Sho’t Left – Feature Film – Supporting Character: 2023

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