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Kayla Neilson

Hard working, passionate, dedicated and eager to learn. A singer songwriter known as “KLA” who has had a few chart-topping singles throughout her career. With a career in the arts being a childhood dream, she has since become an aspiring actress and familiarly recognised for her lead roles in many commercials.
Age: 30
Height: 1.76m
Shoes: 8
Eyes: Light Brown
Hair: Brown
Languages: English
Talents: Actress, Singing



Brut deodorant for men (lead female) TVC – 2013
KFC Boxx It meal (lead female) TVC – 2015
Channel O “Turn Up” (lead female voice over) TVC – 2015
Audi Q3 (lead female) TVC – 2015
Aero “Let Go” (lead female) TVC – 2015
Satiskin (lead female) TVC – 2015
Gill shampoo “Stop the Nonsense” (supporting lead) TVC – 2015
Granola bar France (featured extra) TVC – 2016
Redefine Properties ” TVC – 2018
Vita force multivitamins (lead female) TVC – 2019
Danone Divine (lead female) TVC – 2020
LG Canada “It’s All Connected” (lead female) TVC – 2020

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