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Cleopatra Mahoa

Cleopatra Mahoa is a vibrant, energetic and bubbly actress that has appeared in several television productions, short films and many tv commercials. She is a n actress who takes her acting career very seriously and pours her heart and soul into every character that she portrays on screen. She has co-produced two films and is an avid script writer and bakes designer cakes in her spare time. She is a certified flight attendant and has travelled all over the world. She has a Bachelor in Law Degree (LLB) from the University of South Africa. She is passionate about women and children’s rights and is very active in community upliftment programmes. She is the 3rd elected P resident of South African Black Women in Law (SABWIL) NPC.
Age: 44
Height: 1.59m
Bust: 32D
Shoes: 5
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Languages: English, Sesotho
Talents: Actress, Singer, Public Speaker, Voice Artist



  • Skeem Saam: 2022
  • Muvhango: 2020
  • Ga Re Dumele: 2019
  • Ga Re Dumele: 2016
  • Ngempela S2: 2016
  • It’s Complicated: 2015
  • Saints and Sinners: 2015
  • Skroef no Sexy: 2014


  • Nnake: 2020
  • Inqubo Yothando: 2019
  • Thojane: 2018


  • Suzuki: 2019
  • DSTV: 2019
  • Mnet Movie Zone: 2019
  • Multichoice: 2021
  • Metropolitan: 2021
  • Wimpy: 2021
  • Simba: 2021
  • Google: 2021

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